There are a few movies that I think are truly beautiful. Love Actually, Forrest Gump, the Sagem Myx6 commercial and some others... and Be Kind Rewind is definitely part of the list now.

Plain stupid

I mostly use web browsers to edit text. Usually, this text I'm editing is something I hate losing (I use a browser for email, text documents, spreadsheets and so on). Why in the world do these stupid browsers keep using Backspace as a shortcut for Back? Every single time I hit backspace, I want to delete a character, not lose *everything* I just entered. Focus not being in the right part of the window (or typo when trying to hit Enter or =) is not a good reason to be destructive in my opinion.


Thanks Dublin
For your "Bye now"s,
For your strangers asking me to put their SIM in my phone at 1am so they can send text messages,
For Irish people hanging out here in general,
For your taxis,
For your weather (and I'm not even kidding),
For your pints of Guinness,
For all those people who are nice and lovely for no reason,
For our daughter's accent,
For our son,
For everything
I love you Dublin. I don't think I love any other city as much as you.

ob fail

I just voted in Ireland for the first time. I 50% failed since I was registered for local elections only and not for the European ones. I am very frustrated.

Simon's key to success

Simon matured but still likes success. Simon's new key to success is twofold:
1/ Flames solve everything. Even the most simple problems need to be pointed out in an inflammatory way to make sure that they get taken care of (by someone else than Simon).
2/ Keep competition unfair. Any ideas that Simon didn't think of first are bad ideas. Data-drivenness is Simon's favourite way of backing up whatever nonsense that can help him demonstrate the badness of a good idea.

Simon's friends love him. But Simon's problem is that he doesn't have many friends left.

Poor Simon.