OB (ob_v) wrote,

Video Games Live: Facebook wins

I just came back from the Video Games Live Concert. Very good stuff if you're a smelly video games nerd and wonder what a real orchestra looks like and how it sounds when they play Mario theme. Also, I was surprised and impressed they simply said on stage that you just have to subscribe to their fan group on Facebook. No "if you would like to receive information about us, you can subscribe to our mailing list. So, you have to put 'subscribe' in the subject... no, wait... in the body of your message... and send your email to... er... complicatedemail@verylongdomainname.tld. I'll spell it: see oh emme pee..." People don't need to write anything down, they can easily remember it and they just know how to subscribe to something in Facebook. And, if they don't, they can easily find someone who does. I'm not sure how Facebook is going to make (enough) money -- in case they aren't already -- but they sure have achieved much so far.

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