OB (ob_v) wrote,

Left bank. No, the other left.

I'm in Mountain View, CA. Yesterday I went to an ATM to get some cash. It looked like a friendly ATM:

Insert your card.
[I insert my card]
Do you want a receipt?
[In a large and environmentally friendly gesture, I press "No thanks"]
Do you want a pony?
[I already almost have a pony, I press "No thanks"]
Do you want to buy this bank?
[I press the "No thanks" button again]
Are you sure you don't want to buy this bank?
[I press the "Yes" button]
Pretty please?
[I press the "No, I want cash" button]
We don't have cash anymore. Come back in the past.
[I press "Cancel"]
This operation will be charged $3.

What has the world become?

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