February 9th, 2010

Are we there yet?

So, unlike what I would have expected a couple years ago[*], it turns out that people are being brought to the Internet through Facebook and Twitter. Two very recent examples:
From Drop Box

The burger joint I went to with a bunch of colleagues tonight. I can only recommend this place, by the way, these were made of yummy PLUS you can have beer with them. Like grown-ups.

From Drop Box

The Fremont Market, also called:

  • "The Hippie Market" by people who are as astoundingly tongue-in-the-cheek-funny as me.
  • A "European-Style Market" if you're a hippie.
  • A market for Soccer Moms -- if you're writing in the Lonely Planet (wherein contributors seem to believe being a Soccer Mom is Wrong).

As you can see, both have regular, normal, URLs but communicate using their name on Facebook or Twitter or both. Steve Jobs would say "this is phenomenal" (and I'll stop quoting half of the planet soon, honest). I don't consider it's bad news, I'm just surprised it happened this way. Also, I realise I'm probably late to the game, but that's OK, all my former teachers can confirm it's usual.

Also, LiveJournal keeps making me significantly sadder every time I use it so I might switch to something else soonish.

[*]: But at least I eventually realised it. If I were Bruce Schneier, I would have started my article with "As I wrote a couple months ago in this article and also this one, [...]" :)